Talleri Law Firm assists its clients in the different areas of civil, administrative and new technologies law.

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After practicing law at some of the major law firms and notary studies in Lugano, Avv. Rocco Talleri founded his own law firm in the historical centre of Lugano in January 2010.

Talleri Law Firm assists its clients in the different areas of civil, administrative and new technologies law.

As regards all notary services as well as legal advice and legal representation in the field of criminal law, the Law Firm relies on external assistance, also in matters requiring fiscal, trade and financial consultancy.

Corporate consulting

The Firm provides consulting services for companies, with special regard to internal organisation (e.g. employment contracts, permits, regulations, internal rules, hiring and dismissal etc.) and assists companies in dealing with their relations with third parties (e.g. contracts and disputes with suppliers, clients, debt collection etc.). As well as ad-hoc services, the Firm provides assistance and analyses in the area of corporate restructuring. Furthermore, the Law Firm assists corporate clients by providing notarial services, for instance in the incorporation of new companies, the conversion of existing ones, capital increases, change of registered office, liquidation, authentications etc.

The Firm offers its assistance with the transfer of registered offices and headquarters. In particular, it provides advice and assistance with administrative procedures (e.g. with the Registry Office, the Foreigners Registration Office and municipal, cantonal and federal authorities), legal procedures (contracts in general, including employment contracts, lease contracts etc.), business and tax planning, as well as any other activity required.


The Firm provides assistance in drafting, checking and implementing contracts, namely in the following areas:

  • Corporate law (shareholders’ agreements, internal regulations, capital contribution contracts, loan agreements, acquisition and assignment agreements etc.);
  • Labour law (employment contracts, company regulations etc.);
  • Information technology law (e-commerce contracts, service providers, service-level-agreements etc.);
  • Commercial law (contracts concerning business activities, from sale and purchase to franchising, including licenses, rights of use etc.);
  • Lease law (lease and rental contracts, both private and commercial/industrial);
  • Succession law (testamentary dispositions, inheritance planning etc.).

Building and Building Contracts

The Firm assists its clients in meeting all the requirements connected with construction, both regarding administrative law (applications for building permits, notices of opposition etc.) and private law (building contracts, notices and notifications of defects, legal mortgages, relationships with neighbours etc.). Assistance is provided both to individuals and to companies and building tradesmen and professionals (engineers, architects etc.). Where needed, the Firm resorts to professionals (architects and engineers) who offer the client specialist technical advice.
As far as public law is concerned, the Firm offers its assistance with public procurement contracts (drafting and examination of calls for bids, tenders, bid challenges etc.).

Succession and Wills

The Firm provides advice and legal representation services in matters of succession and wills, in particular during planning, in disputes and the execution of testamentary dispositions.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Firm offers advice and other services in the domain of trademark rights (analysis, registration, defence etc.) as well as assistance in drafting, examining or implementing license contracts or contracts for use. The Firm provides advice and legal representation in issues related to copyright.

Tourism Law

The Firm provides advice and legal representation services both to tour operators and to individuals. In particular, the Firm assists operators from the setting-up to the day-to-day management of the activity – including the drafting of contracts, dealing with disputes, trade-marks etc.


The Firm assists both individuals and companies in dealing with every aspect of lease and assists both lessors and lessees with the various procedures arising out of the lease agreement (drafting of lease or rental contracts, notices of termination, challenges of termination notices or objection to fees charged, applications for extension and/or revision of lease or rental contract, relationships with neighbours etc.).


The Firm provides advice and legal representation services to both individuals and companies regarding applications and procedures for the obtainment of permits, including residence permits, permits to engage in gainful activities and activities subject to authorization etc.

Debt Collection and Bankruptcy

The Firm assists its clients in dealing with issues related to debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings (e.g. the verification of creditworthiness, debt collection, seizures, bankruptcy etc.).

Labour Law

The Firm assists both employers and employees in dealing with the different aspects of the contract of employment. It generally drafts employment contracts, ensures that they are duly performed and deals with any disputes arising out of employment relations.

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