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Cyber Law

Cyber Law

Digitization, the “Internet of things”, artificial intelligence and technological development are just some of the today’s themes and aspects that are radically changing our society. These entail new needs and new contexts which on the one hand require adjustments to the current legislation and on the other hand offer new work tools and new opportunities.
The Law Firm offers legal advice and legal representation in the various areas of information technology law, both in matters related for example to contractual issues or disputes and in drafting and reviewing agreements on the planning, development, acquisition, use, upgrading and maintenance of IT systems, including issues related to services in IT agreements, Internet access and presence, e-commerce etc.
Also, the fast developments in the new technologies and in the legal landscape both nationally and internationally demands that compliance of the different corporate processes with the applicable legal requirements be constantly verified.

The Law Firm also provides legal opinions in the above areas as well as on the use, sale and implementation of encryption systems. In particular, it provides legal advice in the following areas:


cloud computing






Data protection




Legal Tech


Computer data forensics

MINUTES time for the incorporation of a Company with the blockchain technology

RECORDS lost per day

TRILLION US $ Cyber crime cost by 2021



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File PDF [3.7 MB]
Slides presentazione 25.5.2018, presentata all’Aula Magna USI

Innovare strategicamente IT Governance e Demand Management

File PDF [8.3 MB]
conferenza promossa da AIEA con il supporto di ATED ICT Ticino e di ISACA  il 24 gennaio 2019


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File PDF [27KB]
Progetto di revisione della LPD

La portata dell’articolo 271

File PDF [28KB]
La portata dell’articolo 271 del Codice penale svizzero nell’ambito dell’applicazione del GDPR


File PDF [35KB]
Nuova sentenza del Tribunale Federale (DTF 6B_181/2018 del 20 dicembre 2018)

Iustizia 4.0

File PDF [33KB]
Articolo del kick off day del progetto Iustizia 4.0.

Cyber Security Governance

File PDF [125KB]
Conferenza “Innovare strategicamente IT Governance e Demand Management”


File PDF [18 KB]
Corso OCCT – GDPR, 4 settembre 2018

Il giorno del BIG BANG

File PDF [34 KB]
Conferenza “Il Giorno del BIG BANG” con ATED – ICT Ticino (v. anche presentazione sopra).